Adventure Time: 5 places you have to visit before you die!

I have traveled quite a lot already. It is more than a hobby to me. It’s a way of learning. The feeling of freedom I have while I’m traveling can’t compare to anything. I don’t want end up like an old man who did not see anything of our planet. We’re here anyway, so why not explore it. FIY I haven’t been to all these places yet! 

1 Hang Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

This impressive cave is the largest in the world. 5 km long, 150 metres wide and at some points 200 metres high. Tourists are allowed here since 2014 so not a lot of people have been here. The cave has its own river and tropical rainforest. Getting there is not very easy. You can only get there with a guide. It’s a multi-day expedition with tents and everything. Because it’s so exclusive the prices are really high. About $5000, also the waiting list is a few months cause it’s quite a popular trip. But it’s all worth it!

Check out this beautiful video!

2 The Paris Catacombs, France

Entering this place is like entering the city of the dead. This cool but creepy underground maze has a total length of 300km! Full of skulls and bones, this place is unique. If you know the right place you can even enter through the sewer. Always enter with a guide. There have been a few incidents already where teenagers were stuck for days. I don’t think you would enjoy that! If you want to watch a cool horror movie about this place, watch ”As Above, So Below”.


3 Japan During Blossom Season

Japan is number one on my bucket list. Not only for its super cool cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, but also for its beautiful nature. When spring arrives, Japan turns pink. A nice way to escape the busy environment in the city and have a nice sushi picknick in a park full of pink blossom.


4 The Himalayas, Nepal

If you like to be active during a trip. Go hiking. I did a 5 day trek through the Himalayas and it is breathtaking. Beautiful views and nothing but nature around you. I only went through the tropical part but I would love to go to through the snow as well and of course go to Mount Everest. This is really a once in a lifetime experience.


5 Bagan, Myanmar 

This place is one of the most special historical places in South-East Asia. Thousands of different pagodas in a beautiful environment. There is no place like this on earth. I can imagine it would feel like you’ve traveled back in time. It was the capital of the Bagan empire during the golden age. A lot of effort and wealth is put into these temples. Going to this place during sunrise is a magical experience. 


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