Video Games: A Nice Way To Relax

After a long day of school or work you might want to take your mind somewhere else. Now I am not a person who likes to read books. So I had to find another way to relax. I found it in playing video games.

I have been playing videogames all my life, but just because I enjoyed playing them. I never thought about why I enjoy playing them so much. It’s a nice way to just think of nothing for a while. Or after a very busy day when nothing went well it’s nice to just shoot at everything! Entering another world where everything is possible. Shooting soldiers, building a theme park, robbing a bank or win races in Mario Kart. Pick a game that suits you and I promise you feel a lot better while playing them.

Sometimes it is even better than watching a movie. Movies have endings but videogames can go on and on. For example the online world of GTA5 which is constantly updating with new missions and assignments. This is one of my favourite games because this is the kinda life we all thought about at least for once. To be a really rich gangster, having your own meth lab and spend too much money on everything. You don’t really need to think about it because it’s just a videogame.

Playing video games is not only a nice way to relax but also an entertaining way to work those brains. You are constantly focused and thinking about your next move or decision. It’s a cool way of brain training. Studies even proved that certain video games can slow down the aging process. So if you’re over 50 and don’t really understand technology, now is your time!



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