H&M x Moschino

If I have to say one thing I can’t wait for it has to be the collaboration between the fashion empire H&M and the Italian brand Moschino. I have been a fan of Moschino for quite some time now. Also I have been a fan of Jeremy Scott for a long time. From his winged Adidas shoes to the McDonalds inspired items at Moschino.

The big news was revealed with an Instagram Live call from Gigi Hadid at the Coachella music festival, which is also known for its fashion and art. The Creative Advisor of H&M, said that the partnership is “the perfect collaboration for fashion right now” and mixes “pop, street culture, logos and also glamour”. Jeremy Scott is known for his fun and colourful designs. But they come with a price. And it’s not a cheap price. The collaboration between the designer and H&M is a perfect way to reach out to the fans of his work who can’t spend a shit load of money (like me).

I have always been a fan of H&M’s concept of collaborating with a designer brand to give more people the chance to purchase something from their favourite designer who they normally can’t afford.

The Moschino x H&M collection will be available in stores and online from November 8th and I will definitely be first in line!


One thought on “H&M x Moschino

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