More green in your home

When you look into someone’s house nowadays you probably see a lot plants. Having plants in your living room, kitchen or even your bedroom is a hype. It looks really nice and it is an easy way of decorating your home. But what’s more important, they make your home a more healthy environment.

We all know that plants produce oxygen. Plants have the ability to cleanse the air. Also in your own house. Breathing in clean air is obviously good for your health and studies even shows that plants help you concentrate and focus. Perfect when you decide to work at home for a day. Another study even showed that patients who were recovering from surgery, healed faster when their rooms were filled with plants and even lowered their blood pressure.

According to NASA several plants, for example the spider plant, filters the air from toxics. You probably think this wouldn’t be necessary in your own home because you don’t have any toxic chemicals in your house. Well, you’re wrong. Those toxics like ammonia and benzene come from  things like window cleaners, floor waxes, glue, paint, paper towels and so on.  Shouldn’t this be a reason to fill your house with a lot of plants and make the air you breath in everyday a lot cleaner?

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