”Unfuck The World”

‘’Pretty fucked, but we’re optimistic’ is their motto. The Australian platform Be An Unfucker gives you tips you can use in your daily life to make the environment a little bit better. The eco-activists think we can still save the world from some bad things that are happening right now. But only if we all participate.

The way this concept is designed is really effective. The writing is full of humour and the design of their blog/website looks really clean and cheerful. A fun way to bring a serious message. That we made a mess of this planet is very clear and according to this platform, we need to stop thinking that it isn’t our problem.

The main thing they focus on is the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect. The earth is getting warmer. When there are more gasses that can actually be absorbed by the planet. And what do you get then? Climate change. ‘’Cars and industry produce a shit-load more carbon and methane’’


Another funny thing about the website are the ‘’Facts for Unfuckers’’. These facts are pretty much about everything that’s fucked up. Things you normally wouldn’t think about but actually make a lot of sense.

 For example the one about plastic. ‘’ It’s estimated by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish. That’s fucking fucked. And not just that, your plastic will long outlive you.plastic-sushi Ask your sushi place to give your rolls/sashimi/whatever a good old fashioned splash of soy sauce so we can get one less soy fish fucker out into the world. If you do end up getting one, please recycle them responsibly i.e. inside a bigger plastic bottle or tub and not floating about on its own”


In the end I am not sure if we can still save the earth. It takes a lot of effort and a lot help from every human being. I mean, we can do something about it but then we ALL have to participate and I don’t see this happening soon. Which is very sad actually cause a lot of countries are still fighting for whatever, but why fight if we are destroying our earth. There would be no place to fight anymore..

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