My love for Asian food

The Asian cuisine is something I’ve always loved. My grandmother was born in Indonesia so I kind of grew up with the best Indonesian dishes. And it’s not just these dishes that make me drool. I love all kinds of Asian food, from Thai to Sushi and Chinese to Indian. I think it starts with my love for rice. I could eat rice every day. Of course a lot of Asian dishes come with rice. Let’s not forget the spices! All the different spices they use just gives you one big explosion of flavor. And of course, Asian food is cheap! When you’re traveling in Asia, don’t have dinner in fancy restaurants or anything! Eat where the locals eat as well. Here you will find the best traditional dishes.


Here are some of my favorite Asian Dishes. Feel hungry yet?



I have to start with sushi because this is my all time favorite. I could eat sushi ever day. I like the fact that it’s cold. The flavor of soy sauce and wasabi together with the soft texture of the fish just makes me want to eat till I explode.



Gado Gado

This dish is a typical Indonesian dish. The first time I had this was at my grandmas when I was young. It’s not only the flavors that make me fall in love with this dish but it’s also the memories I have. It looks like a total mess but it tastes really good and the best part, it is super easy to prepare.




I read somewhere that tempura originally is not an Asian dish but fuck it. This typical Japanese finger food always gets me. The crispy layer in combination with the taste of the vegetables and shrimps and the sweetness of the sauce just make me feel like I’m in tempura heaven.



Tom Kha Kai

This typical Thai coconut soup makes your nose drain. Not only because it’s served very hot, it can also be very spicy. I am a big fan of coconut! And how doesn’t like a good soup?



Tikka Masala

I have to admit. Before I went to India I didn’t like Indian food at all! But when I went backpacking for a month I had no other option than just go with it and eat their food cause there was literally nothing else you could get. Even the Mac Donalds had Indian kind of stuff. After a few days I started to like their dishes and the more I got to know about the flavors and spices the more I started to like it. Tikka Masala is a traditional dish which tastes best with some naan bread and yoghurt.


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